Giving kindness to one and all.
For one and for the world. Curetex

Our value of 'Cure'
in Curetex represents our conscious effort
in giving a kind touch to all of our makings.

In the beginning,
we first started out with making washi fibre <Curetex Yarn>.

Starting with the manufacturing and sales of washi paper fabric products,
we have now grown into areas of Environmental Development,
International Sales Support, Halal Food,
and various international BtoB businesses.

Curetex will continue our philosophy of giving kindness to one and all.
In our products and services to the world.

Nominated for 'The driving company for the regional future' by METI

'The Driving Company for the regional future' is selected by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry as a company which is regionally propelling the future.
Companies which have been selected as such have been have hit the criteria of creating high added value by taking advantage of the characteristics of the region and strongly driving economic growth in that area.
The 2148 companies selected, are expected to further develop business in the region with the support of the Ministry of Economy Trade and industry. Curetex Corporation was appraised for 'International Sales Support Business', which introduces its own company products and excellent products from other Japanese companies to overseas, was nominated in 2018.


What is Curetex?

'Cure' - Our wish to give kindness,
and 'tex' - our origins in Japanese textile

Starting with our original <Curetex Yarn>,
a plant-based Japanese fiber,
we commit our determination
and dreams to 'give kindness to one
and all' in our technologies,
products and services.


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Curetex washi fiber products are available below:

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◎ CureClub Online Shop


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